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Below are just a few common mistakes parents make that do real damage to their legal case and to their children. If any of these sound familiar, contact Bexar Family Solutions for assistance.


  • There is a lot of conflict between the other party and me in our family law case.
  • My attorney has told me that I am doing things to hurt my case
  • I sometimes do or say things that just seem to worsen things between me and my children or my children's other parent.
  • I sometimes have denied the other parent access to the children in violation of a court order.
  • I sometimes lose control of my emotions in front of the children or the other party.
  • A child custody evaluation/social study has been ordered, and I'm afraid I'll lose my children.
  • I question my children in detail when they return from spending time with their other parent.
  • When exchanging the children, I have trouble acting courteously towards the children's other parent.
  • I have called Child Protective Services on the other parent, and they ruled the allegation to be unsupported
  • Most phone conversations with the other parent end up with me shouting, upset, and angry.
  • We just can't communicate directly. We have to go through some other person
  • I use my children to pass information to to the other parent
  • I have told my child that it is the other parent's fault we don't all live together
  • I have told my child that we can't afford something becuase the other parent hasn't paid child support
  • I frequently call my attorney--even on weekends/after business hours--to complain about the other parent or legal process

If you are doing any of these things, you could benefit from our Divorce Consulting services. immediately to obtain more information.

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