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Many families will experience significant changes because of divorce or breakup. As difficult as those transitions can be for the adults, when children are involved things can get especially stressful.

Bexar Family Solutions' counselors understand the complexities of these difficult times and are experienced in helping adults and their children navigate the stormy waters of family law matters (divorce, custody & access disputes, post-divorce modifications, issue-specific conflicts, etc.).

We proudly offer these services to both opposite-sex and same-sex parents.

Using the legal system to solve your co-parenting problems is like trying to pick up a potato chip with a hammer.
  • Cooperative Coparenting - For parents ordered by the Bexar County courts to attend or those who just want to gain important co-parenting skills. This educational program consists of eight classes designed to assist parents in conflict to make the transition from litigant to co-parent. We offer a sliding scale fee based on family income for mandated clients. For more information, click here.
  • Divorce Consulting - This new and exciting services is for people involved in any type of family law matter (divorce, suit affecting the parent-child relationship, custody modification, etc.). It is not therapy. Instead, your consultant works with you and your attorney to keep you focused on doing what is best for your case and your children. Your consultant has your success at heart, and helps you change behaviors that get in the way of your legal case. Click for details.
  • Guardian ad Litem - A GAL can be ordered or agreed to between the parties when someone needs to look at a particular issue of interest to the court. The GAL consults with all the relevant parties and provides an opinion regarding what is in the child's best interest.
  • Parenting Coordination/Facilitation - Parents sometimes lose sight of their children's best interest and become consumed by conflict with each other. Perhaps they cannot agree on a reasonable schedule for shared parenting time or they argue with each other in ways that expose the children to the parents' conflict. Sometimes parents are so hurt they try to destroy the children's relationship with the other parent by telling lies to the children or giving them far too many details about the "bad behavior" of a parent. In cases like this, the court may order parenting facilitation or parenting coordination services. Bexar Family Solutions can meet those needs at a reasonable price and flexible appointment times. Click here for details.