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Divorce Consulting

Divorce. Custody. Child support. Attorneys. Best interests of the children.

Are you personally familiar with the impact these words have on families? If so, you may be a family in transition because of divorce, a custody dispute, or some other family law matter. Whether this is all new to you or you are still fighting with an ex-partner ten years after the breakup, you are undoubtedly feeling strain from the conflict.

So are your children.

If you and the other parent are in a legal battle, your kids are aware of much more than you think. Your children see how you act. Your behavior right now is one of the most important factors that affect how well your children will adjust to changes in the family.

Divorce consultation helps you do more of what is best for your children and less of what hurts your case.


You are doing some things right. But you are also doing some things that harm your legal case or your children-and you may not even know it. But, help is available from someone who can guide you through these trying times; someone that is objective, experienced, and familiar with the emotional toll litigation can take on families. You need a divorce consultant on your team.


Divorce consultation is a new and exciting service available to people involved in any type of family law matter. It's not therapy. Instead, your cosultant works with you and your attorney to keep you focused on doing what is best for your case and your children. The consultant has your success at heart, and helps you change behaviors that get in the way of your legal case or that cause unnecessary harm to yourself or your children.


Your consultant can work with you in what ever ways are helpful and convenient. These may include:

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Telephone consultation
  • E-mail, or even private online chat.

At Bexar Family Solutions, you pre-purchase a block of your consultant's time. Together you decide how best to use that time. Your first meeting usually will be in person. After that, you may prefer to set up weekly phone calls that last from 30 to 50 minutes. If concerns arise that cannot wait until the next scheduled session, your consultant is available by email. He or she may be available at other times, too, for a quick consult by instant message or in our private online chat areas.





    Pre-purchased blocks of time are available to suit your needs and your budget. The more you buy, the better the discount. Note: Minimum initial purchase is one hour ($150.00).

    • 10 hours: $750 ($75/hr - That is 50% off normal price)
    • 5 hours: $450 ($90/hr - That is 40% off normal price)
    • 1 hour: $150
    • 15 minutes: $37.50 ($150/hr)

    Any unused time of 15 minutes or more will be refunded when you and your consultant decide your work together is completed. Divorce Consulting time can be transferred freely to any of our other coaching services.

    If you are serious about protecting your children from unnecessary emotional harm as you and the other parent navigate the minefield of family law litigation, then you owe it to them to get this kind of help.

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