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For Attorneys Only: Information About Divorce Consulting

More than most people, you see the emotional impact of divorce and family law litigation. You do your best to advocate for your clients, but they sometimes do significant damage to their legal case because of their own poor choices during litigation. You have probably seen clients:

  • Use children as pawns in their conflict with the other parent
  • Deny the other parent access to the children for no legitimate reason
  • Use reports to Child Protective Services as a means to punish the other parent
Let the divorce consultant manage the client behaviors while you focus on the legal aspects of the case.
Consulting Expert Services
This is not therapy. It is a highly specialized service we call Divorce Consulting. How is it different from traditional therapy?
  • The Divorce Consultant acts as a "consulting expert" as defined by Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 192.3(e), so the consultant's "identity, mental impressions, and opinions" are not discoverable unless reviewed by a testifying expert.
  • Therapy's goal is to heal clients' emotional hurt from the divorce. Divorce consulting's goal is to help litigants change their counterproductive behavior.
  • Therapy tends to focus on the past. Consulting concentrates on helping clients change what they are doing right now to achieve their desired future outcomes.

Imagine being able to focus more on doing what you do best-litigating-while the divorce consultant helps manage the upset, creating potentially better outcomes for your client and for you.

Advocate for the clients that challenge you most by adding a divorce consultant to your litigation team.